On this page you will learn how to prepare yourself for our visit, to enable us repair your computer faster and more efficiently. It will help reduce the time of our visit, which will lower the cost.

Step 1 Booking a home visit / Booking an appointment
To order a home visit or book an appointment at JDIT simply choose the most suitable mean of contact from Contact us list.

Step 2 Preparing yourself
Although JDIT survey team have all the necessary tools to make proper repairs of your computers software and hardware, there are few things that you could prepare to speed things up.

Step 3 Diagnosing the problem
Before taking any action our survey team will diagnose your computer problems and tell you approximately how much time it will take to bring your PC back to full operational order. Of course time of repair is only estimated and can change, but it will help you estimate cost of repair.
(Full information about costs of repairs)
If you leave your computer in JDIT headquarters, our survey stuff will call you and give you information about the problem, and fixed costs of repairing them. This will be done before we start any work.

Step 4 Repair
Once you have agreed the discussed works, our repair team will proceed with all necessary actions to bring your computer back to full working order. If JDIT is not able to help you with your computer problem, you will not be charged for our visit(No Fix No Fee Policy*).

Step 5 Payment and warranty
After restoring your computer to its former glory our repair team will tell you everything that you should know about maintaining your PC.You will also gate an invoice and details about warranty period for work that have been done.
(Full information about costs of repairs)

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